About Cady

Hi There! I’m Cady, pronounced like Katie. I am a social butterfly with an entrepreneurial spirit. I was "that intern" in 2007 at a rapidly growing start-up when Facebook first launched brand pages for businesses. While obtaining my B.A. and MBA, I fell in love with the infinite possibilities of connecting with customers through social media and I have never looked back.


Now, with over 11 years’ experience working for both small and large companies of various industries, I am ready to spread my entrepreneurial and social wings to help businesses realize the endless possibilities of both words in ‘social media.’ 


I view social media as a 24/7 party with guests just waiting to be informed and entertained. My goal is to entertain these guests, your targeted customers, by providing exactly what they want to hear from your business at the right time. This experience transforms your previously disengaged customers into super fans and influencers allowing you to achieve greater, sustainable business results.